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This is a personal blog and website run by Dr. Louis Hampers, a longtime pediatrician who has lots of experience in recovery. This site contains loads of information and advice about the recovery process as well as up and coming treatments and a full bio for Dr. Hampers.

Who is it for?

This site was created by Dr. Louis Hampers to share information about recovery from drugs and alcohol, something Dr. Hampers is passionate about. As a pediatrician, he understands the importance of education, especially for young people, regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol. This blog gives information for people with all different levels of experience, from those who are unfamiliar with the process to those who are in recovery themselves. Check out our Blog Page for helpful articles or click on the About tab to read bio information and a history on Dr. Hampers.

Dr. Louis Hampers

dr. louis hampers

Centennial, Colorado Medical Doctor

Over the last thirty years, Dr. Louis Hampers has served as a pediatrician. He earned dual degrees, his Medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and his Business Administration degree from the Wharton School. Dr. Hampers served as the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado, and additionally as the Section Head of the Section of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.


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Whether you are just starting out or experienced in recovery treatments, you will be sure to have a valuable resource in our blog that is full of tips, treatments, and up to date information about recovery. You can also access advice that Dr. Louis Hampers has shared from his years of experience in recovery. To find out more about Dr. Hampers, just head over to the About Page and read his full bio.

Gain Knowledge on Pediatrics

Recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol can seem like an impossible task. Often, those who need help the most are the ones who are least likely to receive it. However, with the growing awareness of the issues surrounding drug and alcohol addiction, there are now more options than ever to start your journey in the best way for you. Dr. Hampers’ years of experience have encouraged him to share his advice to hopefully assist others in getting the help they need.


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If you want to network with Dr. Louis Hampers or to learn more about the recovery process, you can connect with him by clicking on the Contact tab and then filling in the form located there. Dr. Hampers is always open to sharing strategies and discussing treatment options, and he will respond to you shortly. Feel free to follow Louis on his social media pages or visit the Blog to read articles about recovery.


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